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RnR Marathon Vegas Run for Eric

Chris Ellison

With every breath my father took in this world, he loved his family dearly. A child at heart, my father always drew strength from his wife, children and grandchildren. Eric like his Viking ancestors was always exploring a world of never ending possibilities, challenging himself and others to see the world from different perspectives.

I’m currently training on weekends for upcoming Rock N Roll full marathon in Vegas in November. With every training mile I take, my lungs scream for air, a constant reminder of just how precious our lungs are to our survival.

I’m teaming up with the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer foundation by dedicating my run in Vegas to my father Eric Ellison. Please consider “virtually” running along with me in Vegas by making donation supporting this worthy foundation. The Bonnie J Addario foundation is an organization started by patients, dedicated exclusively to eradicating Lung Cancer through research, early detection, education, and treatment.

Unfortunately Lung Cancer cut my father’s life short, drawing his last breath just two short years ago, ending the possibility of many years of laughter, fun and family that would never come to pass. Please join me in helping honor my father’s life and making a difference towards fighting this terrible disease that takes too many each year.

Thank you!


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Recent Donations

1. CCisco
2. GGreg and Debbie Dorshorst
Have a good run, Chris
3. KJKeren Jackson
Run Good and appreciate every breath along the way!! love and luck to you and April! ???????????
4. DBDena Breese
5. JJJoan Jay
I know your Dad would be proud of you! You’ll do great!
6. MMark and Jennifer
I’m honor of our love ones who have fought the lung cancer battle.