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Running For a Cure

Griffin Willis

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

On November 11, 2011 my grandfather, a Vietnam War veteran, passed away peacefully on Veterans Day. He was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer.

He was my grandfather, my fishing partner, my best friend. Lung cancer took him away from me, but his memory lives on.

On March 10, 2018 I will be running my first marathon in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. Every mile, every hour, every step I take training for that day will not be for me, but for my grandfather and for all others who have been in some way affected by this disease.

I am raising funds for the fight against lung cancer so that hopefully one day we can live in a world where we don't have to fear cancer - it fears us.

This cause is very dear to me and I would appreciate any support given! Together we can make a difference!

- Griffin


raised of $1,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. THTrey Hild
Go Funky Griff!!
2. DDan and Missy Minor
Run Willis Run! No really this is awesome and a great cause.
3. BMBruce J Miller
Go Griffin!
4. MBMary L Barnett
Good Luck Griffin next week! I know your team will be fantastic! Thank you for doing this for Grandpa and all others afflicted by this terrible disease.
5. NWNicole Willis
Good luck next week!!! ?? Mom, Dad, & Jessica
6. KKaran Stone