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Michael Mckinsey

Words you never want to hear is that your loved one has any type of cancer, but especially lung cancer. All too often there is a stigma associated with this cancer.
I have had quite a few people effected by this terrible disease both smoker and non-smokers. Will and Barb both non-smokers who developed the disease much to young and passed in their early 30's. Judi and Pat, smokers whom everyone loved and they would give you the shirt off their back if you asked for it. None of which should have died from a horrible disease with little and sometimes no (especially young non-smokers) screening process readily available.
I've even heard of doctors who don't know what the signs of lung cancer are and tell patient's "you're fine....that's not even a sign of lung cancer".
We are here to stop the stigma and to help raise money for the fight that so many have lost. Anyone who has lungs can get lung cancer....yes even you. So please help and give whatever your heart tells you.
Barb, Will, Judi, and Pat would thank you, along with myself and all those other who continue to fight.

Thank you,


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Hey Jude and Barbwire too. Good job Mike
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Good luck on your fundraising goal! thank you for championing the cause on behalf of Lung Cancer.
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