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Welcome to Phyllis Saavedra's Page in Loving Memory of Rebecca Cavagnari

Phyllis Saavedra

My dear friend Rebecca lost her battle with lung cancer recently after battling for more than 5 years. For those that knew Rebecca they know she was smart, fun and a ray of sunshine. One of the most positive people I've ever known. She loved her family and her friends fiercely.
One year after Rebecca was diagnosed and had her surgery I had the honor of doing the Portland Marathon with her and her son Antonio in celebration of a year out. Since her diagnosis Rebecca also participated in the Dingle Half Marathon in Ireland. Most recently Rebecca, with the support of the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation did the New York Marathon. She was amazing and never let her illness keep her down. She was my hero!
As I grieve the loss of my friend I tried to think what I could do to honor her memory and begin my healing process. So here I am. I am going to run the New York Marathon on November 4 with the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. My goal is to raise $3000 to aid in future research, so that we no longer lose our loved ones to this horrible form of cancer. I hope you too will join me in supporting this great cause and remembering my dear friend.


raised of $3,000 goal

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1. KFKLA-Tencor Foundation
2. AFAnne Frick
Such a great way to honor a life well-lived. She'll be with you every step of the way...
3. GSGunnar Schweitzer
4. LLou Groth
Phyllis, what a touching way to honor Rebecca's memory. You Go Girl - fly, carrying Rebecca on your shoulders the whole way!
5. MSMary Schweitzer
This is truly a very special way to honor Rebecca. God love you Phyllis.
6. LPLinda Pinard
What a great way to honor an amazing woman!