Megan Broderick

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I'm running for my soon-to-be sister, Kim :)

Megan Broderick

My brother's fiancee, Kim, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in May 2019. You can find a message from her Caring Bridge site below on her diagnosis. Kim's the strongest, most positive person I know - an inspiration to everyone around her. In an effort to support her and help find a cure, I'm fundraising for the GO2 Foundation -- dedicated to ending the stigma of lung cancer, increasing research funding and ensuring access to care.

"My diagnosis is Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of the Lung, which is a non-small cell lung cancer. I have some metastasis in my bones but that means I qualify for all the good drugs :) I have an ALK (anaplastic lymphoma kinase) mutation so I've started treatment in a pill form to target that genetic mutation: Alecensa or Alectinib. So luckily that means no chemo, surgery, or radiation in my immediate future. The pill is much better tolerated than chemo and I'm hoping to continue my day to day life as normally as possible. I love all my family and friends and really appreciate all the wonderful human beings that are in my life. I'm super lucky to have such great people on my side!"

Thank you for your support! We love you Kim! #kimsbootskickALK



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1. MBMichael Broderick
Great job Megan! You’re awesome!
2. JMJim Mueller
Megan, good luck and see you Sunday!
3. EWElena Wagner
So super proud of you!!!!!
4. RLRuth Link-Gelles
Thank you for running in Kim's honor!!
5. CTCindy & Don Thomas
Hey, if you run past Zabar's, can you pick us up some bagels & smear?? Love you! Auntie C & Uncle D
6. TKTerry Kern
Have an amazing race for your soon to be sister!