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2015 NYC 26.2mile Run for Cancer

NYC26.2 Run For Cancer

Hi All - Thank you for visiting.

I would really like to Run the NYC Marathon and in doing so dedicate it to helping find a cure for Cancer.

The race is pretty soon so I need to get training and need your help in raising funds!

I am ultra health conscious and running and curing cancer couldn't be any closer to a dream cause for me and making sure we end the scurge of cancer so I'd appreciate all the support I can get!

Take care,



raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. AAvikar Kissun
Good luck to a gentlman and absolute legend! All the best for the race bro, catch up with you soon!
2. CKConor King
Good luck buddy
3. NNick & Jen Bondi
Have a good day!
4. ?Anonymous
"Despite any pains you my feel on race day, history will remind you that you ran the New York Marathon" Hi Carl, have a brilliant race day! Hope it's a great day - take all the sights in as you pass them.
Not at the table Carlos! Good luck boy.
6. WNWilliam Nolan
best of luck mate