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In Loving Memory Fundraising Page

Created by Allison Hsueh

Eric Hsueh

Please help us support GO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer by making a contribution to our memorial page.

GO2 Foundation is the place where everyone impacted by lung cancer finds personalized care, powerful connections and purposeful collaboration—uniting around shared goals to empower people, increase survival, drive innovative research and transform the future of lung cancer.

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Recent Donations

1. CHCaspar Hansen
2. OOn behalf of Allison's birthday
3. AApple
Apple's Matching Gift - Luisa Sempere
4. AApple
5. JWJason Ward
6. KDKuang-Yir Derico
RIP. Love you. See you on the other side.
7. CCChranham Chang
Eric, we’ll always remember you.
8. AIAllied-Locke Industries Inc.
9. JSJR & SL Soulis
10. BCBill Crowson
11. DLDiana Lee
12. SHScott & John Hsueh
13. XXXy Xing
Dear Eric It is really hard to say goodbye to you. But we are also happy for you that now you are away from all the sufferings and flying freely in heaven or in galaxies far far away.... We miss you terribly as well as your big smiles. You will be cherished in our heart forever! Uncle CT, Auntie Yao, and Daisy
15. JTJenny Tsou
Dear Eric, Love you forever!
16. ?Anonymous
17. ?Anonymous
18. SCSalsa Chavez
I will forever be grateful to you and your family for allowing to live in your home when I had nothing. I came to look up to you like the older brother I never had and however short lived that was you taught me to keep climbing even when the hold seemed unreachable.
19. JSJason Song
20. ?Anonymous
21. TSTarang S
Eric you were an amazing friend and one of the kindest people I have ever had the good fortune to know. I know you’re not gone because I have your memories in my heart. Rest In Peace my friend.
22. DmDAVID Ma
23. KJKelley Jhong
Eric, Your kindness and your smile always brighten up the room. I know you have touched a lot of people's lives. You are deeply missed. It's still hard for me to believe that you're gone. I feel like I will be able to see you again when I go back to California. In a sense, I feel that is true. Your memory and presence are always with us, especially when we gather together amongst friends.
24. EYEleanor Yan
25. GPGary Huang & Charlene Pien
In loving memory of Eric. We will miss you very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with Hsueh family at this most difficult time.
26. LMLax M
Eric, we initially met one summer, in high school, and later met again, probably a decade after; you were still the same: chill, down-to-earth, and kind. Your easygoing attitude and kindness inspire me to be better, every day. Rest in peace; you will be missed.
27. SJSarah Jo
We'll miss you, and I'm happy to have known you. Rest in peace
28. MBMichael Bybee
Thank you for having such a bright personality, even in the small amount of time we got to know one another.
29. GHGeorge Liu And Lori Hsu
Thank you Eric for being an amazing friend and person. You will be missed and never forgotten. -George and Lori
30. HHelen
31. YYoshie
Although I knew Eric for a short while, he taught me many important lessons: to live life to the fullest and not fret over the little things, to be strong yet gentle and more kind to those around me, and to strive to become someone others will miss dearly. Thank you Eric for setting an example for many of us.
32. JLJoseph Lin
Thank you Eric for all the good high school and Chinese school memories. I’ll never forget you.
33. LSLiang-Ping Shen
Love and miss you forever. Love, Kevin, Wanwan, Steph, Auntie & Uncle Shen.
34. BWBenjamin Wu
35. LcLina Choa
36. FFremont Main Library Children's Librarians
37. BRBelinda Roy
In loving memory of Eric. From Meagan and Seth Hydeman and Belinda and Warren Roy
38. EWEddie Wong
We love you and will miss you forever.
39. KCKaren Chuang
Love you forever, Eric!
40. DCDerek Chow
This is for you Eric! I hope this little contribution helps others who will fight lung cancer just as hard as you did.
41. CLClaire Lieu
42. RRebecca
43. MMary Hu (胡慶音)
Very sorry for your loss.
44. TNTiffany Huang & Felix Ng
Thinking of you and your family during this most difficult time. We are here if you need anything.
45. JTJoyce Tanaka
Such a full life and loved by all who had the honor to me him.
46. SPSherri Plaza
47. JLJoseph Letizia
I lost my wife Kimberly Sue to Lung cancer on 2.19.19. I met Ron Fong through the GO2Foundation. Since Ron has supported me. Ron posted this and I wanted to be here for his dear friends loss. May prayers to Eric’s Family and friends. My deepest condolences.
48. Ronnie Fong
We will you Eric and will continue to fight to #beatlungcancer to honor your memory.
49. WCWinnie Chang
50. BTBozena Teo
Deep condolences for your family’s loss.
51. TLTyler Lym
Can't believe you're gone man, it was only January when we were down in LA together. I'm beyond grateful for all the times we got to play ultimate together and share laughs on the sideline. Rest in peace, hope to toss the disc with you again some day!
52. DXDenton Xu
In loving memory of Eric. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.
53. LXLinda Xu
Sorry for your loss Hsueh family! I lost my mom to lung cancer as well and also believe that more research needs to be done.
54. BYBeca Yuan
Dear Eric, hope you Rest In Peace and still taking good care of your lovely family. It’s very nice to have you as my second cousin though we didn’t spend enough time hang out together. Love, Beca
55. TCTiffany Caccia
In loving memorial of Eric. We are so very sorry for your family’s loss.
56. KHKe Han
57. PVPriya Vijaykumar
58. TTTimmy Tang
Hoping for a cure!
59. JLJonathan Luong
60. STSteph And Mike Tom
Eric was such a fun, lighthearted guy to hang out and play ultimate frisbee with. Our deepest condolences to Eric's family.
61. EAEmily Amparo
62. KCKay-Won Chang
63. TJTony And Sandy Jorgenson
65. KWKatherine Wang
For Eric, you were gone too soon
66. CLChing & Ping Lee
Support Eric’s wish, hope to see major breakthrough in near future on lung cancer research.
67. VCVictor Chang
68. ?Anonymous
69. BHBrian Ho
70. ?Anonymous
71. ?Anonymous