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Welcome to my Fundraiser for ROS1+ Cancer

Janet FD's ROS1 Research Fundraiser

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you'll support me, the ROS1ders ( and the Global ROS1 Initiative as we strive to accelerate research, find better treatments and hopefully cure ROS1 positive (ROS1+) cancers.

My type of cancer is driven by an alteration in the ROS1 gene. Medical research has made it possible for me to live well with aggressive, metastatic ROS1+ lung cancer since 2011. However, ROS1+ cancer is uncommon (only 1%-2% of lung and other cancers) and not well understood. Only one approved ROS1-targeted drug exists, and little is known about how the disease begins, progresses and develops resistance to treatment. That's why I helped to create the Global ROS1 Initiative (a unique collaboration between ROS1 patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, and industry). This project is very dear to me. I hope you'll contribute to it!



raised of $50,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. JBJeri Burtchell
2. CBCindy Bedell
3. FFred and Thalia Gray
In support of our daughter and ALL ROS1ders for more research and knowledge together with all the prayers. With all the dedicated researchers, there is hope for a longer and healthier life for ROS1ders and even a cure of this beast!
4. LOLuna Okada
We definitely need more ROS1 research. Thank you for all you do for us!
5. BBBarbara Berci
I am a ROS1 cander patient . Was only diagnosed 4 months ago. Thsnks for the groung breaking work you have done on behalf of patients and with scientists. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words Barbara Berci. Los Angeles
6. BBob & Mandy McGowan
In support of Kelly Keesling, North Carolina.