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NYC 26.2 for Lung Cancer Research!

New York Marathon For Lung Cancer Research!

Thank you for visiting and donating. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!

Many of you know I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012, just days after completing the Portland Marathon. It was a very bumpy year, but through the help of friends and family, great doctors at Stanford, and the Lung Cancer Foundation, I was able to walk the Portland Marathon again in 2013.

It's 2015, and I'm heading for the New York City Marathon!!! Please donate to help support cancer research. Lung cancer is now the #1 cancer killer worldwide annually, and that is due in part to the lack of understanding among both physicians and patients about the nature of the disease.

For more info see this great article posted by Bonnie J. Addario on the Huffington Post just a few days ago. huffingtonpost.com/bonnie-j-addario/for-the-first-time-a-hand_b_8245196.html or visit lungcancerfoundation.com

Together we can make a difference!
Best - Rebecca



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1. AAndrea
Thank you for your support and encouragement for my walk for LLS. Stay strong!
2. BHBreann Hodges
Congrats on your race yesterday! We are so proud of you!! We admire you very much! Love you!!
3. KSKimberly Shapiro
4. ksKathy Seddiqui
Good Luck Rebecca!!!! Have a great time and enjoy the view- thinking of you and sending you well wishes!
5. CCathy Cutting
Thank you for running for Lung Cancer Research
6. MTMarianna Tubman