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Brandi Bryant

Brandi Breathes

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. Many of you know that last year in January 2018, I was diagnosed with Non small cell lung cancer. Although I knew shortly after diagnosis that I was ALK positive, the treatment plan still called for me to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. When I progressed, I was given the option to take a targeted therapy, called Alectinib. It has saved me by killing the cancer and stopping the fluid that was constantly building up around my heart.

Many believe I am out of treatment because I don't go to the cancer center regularly anymore. However, I take 8 pills per day to try and keep that cancer in check. It does not work forever - science says an average of 3 years. I've been on it for 17 months, so I know one day at one of my 3-4 month scans, I may receive news that the cancer is back. Although I am very thankful and blessed to have had such a great response to my medication, this is still a terrifying way to live. I need at least 20 years to raise my kids and get them over that first hump in life.

Unfortunately, lung cancer research is GROSSLY underfunded, and all lung cancer patients need more options. Please help us by donating to our ALK positive research projects. We have a great team of leading scientific experts working everyday. Help us find a cure or at least a way to give us more time.

#gimme20 #lcam #lcsm #lungcancer #cancersucks

Thank you!


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