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Chel Gorombol

Team Chel Strong

4 years ago I received the news no one ever wants to hear. You have Stage IIIA NCSLC To say my husband and I were in shock is putting it mildly since I have never smoked. I had absolutely no symptoms. My cancer was found incidentally during a CT scan for a totally unrelated issue.

After going through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I was cancer free for almost 3 years. On August of 2018 I found out that the cancer had returned. Although it was devastating, it was not totally unexpected. Am a both unlucky and lucky that I have the ALK+ mutation. A mutation of 2 genes fusing somewhere along my lifetime. It can happen to anyone, not just smokers.

I have now been on Alectinib (a targeted therapy) for 14 months and I am stable. The main tumor is 1/4 the size as before with no new activity. I will take stable anytime.

A few pills a day: that is what survival looks like for many ALK-positive lung cancer patients because of targeted therapy treatment.

But eventually, all patients develop resistance to this treatment.

ALK Positive, a patient-led advocacy group, is leading the effort to fund a joint research project on drug combinations. This new research will pursue lower rates of resistance and increased rates of survival.

Lung cancer research is dramatically underfunded. Your support has timely, real-world impact on the lives of our patient/survivors by enabling this important research.

After going through such a life altering event I decide that I need to make sure no one has to die from lung cancer. I am dedicated to fighting lung cancer—and I need your help!

More Research = More Life

Thank you,
Chel Gorombol


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