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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Cheri Johnson Oneill

More Research = More Life!!

As many of you know I was diagnosed with Stage IV
Lung Cancer 3/5/2018. A daycare provider, non-smoker,
sassy, life-loving, animal crazy, 56 year old wife,
mom & Nana who loves Jesus. It changed everything
in an instant. I have been going through the motions
going to Doctor appointments, getting scans, taking
oral Chemo, having my lungs tapped, praying and
believing, loving on my
family and being grateful for each wonderful day.

BUT...today I am rising up......asking for help......
getting a little mad!

More patients die each year of lung cancer than
breast, pancreatic and colorectal cancers combined.
Yet it is the least funded!


The Chemo I am on has failed after 19 months. It is the
best one available and it is no longer working for me.
I so had hoped to live 6 years (well 20 would be awesome)
and now I just dont know. I will start a new Chemo next
week and it could work for awhile or I could have to
stop it within the month.
I WANT MORE TIME!!! I am not afraid to die I just dont
want to yet! I want to be here for my family! I believe God
could heal me and/or He can use crazy smart scientist
to create a drug to help me and awesome people
like YOU to fund them!!

November is Lung Care Awareness month and in honor
of it I am asking for your help. If you would contact your
legislators and tell them to fund lung cancer research!

Then if you could donate $10 to help our group of ALKies
towards research. The month of November our dollars
are being matched 2 1/2 times through a few generous
donors and going directly to help my kind of Lung Cancer.
They are going to do a collaborative project looking to
find treatments to use in addition to our TKI’s
(oral chemo) that can greatly extend the time that the
TKI is effective for!! They need $500,00 to do this project
and we are so close to raising it!
Could you please donate $10 today and pray for a cure
or drug that will give me a few more years?
I can not thank you enough!!!

I am so THANKFUL for you my friends! Thank you for
sticking with me through this journey! I appreciate
each of you more than you will ever know!
May God bless you richly in return!!





raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. TfTibert Family
2. JNJen Napolitano
Your story resonated with me because my mom was diagnosed at the same age as you and she is still with us and was able to celebrate her 60th birthday with her friends and family. It’s not easy for any of us but we just keep on going and pray for a cure. God bless! You got this! (I’m also in the ALK group)
3. DLDavid Lund
4. KJKim Jansen
You got this!❤️
5. ARAnne Richardson
Continued prayers for a cure for you! Love to you and your family ❤️
6. SPSandy Paddock