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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Colin Barton

Colin Barton loves life!!

Please help support ALK Positive by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance us towards new combination therapies and towards better futures for ALK-positive patients WORLDWIDE!

More Research = More Life

NOTE: All funds donated through this page will go toward the main ALK Positive/ GO2 Research Fund


Dear Friends, Colleagues and Family,

As many of you know, in March 2016 I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. It turned my world upside-down.

As a non-smoker leading a healthy and active lifestyle, I had never even imagined lung cancer as a possibility. I have since learned that lung cancer causes the most deaths, by far, of all cancers; more die of it annually than from breast, colon, pancreatic, skin and thyroid cancers combined! It kills more men than prostate cancer, and more women than breast cancer.

Medical testing confirmed that I have the ALK-positive genetic mutation, a type of lung cancer typically found among younger non-smokers. The average age for patients getting ALK-positive lung cancer is about 50, with many sadly only in their 20s 30s and 40s- and the vast majority never smoked or very little. There is no known cause for ALK-positive cancer other than random cell replication error (scientists have found no evidence that it is inherited or related to any controllable factors like first or second hand smoke, air pollution, asbestos, radon, nutrition or exercise). It truly can happen to ANYONE WITH LUNGS!! It is thought that worldwide about 105,000 people get ALK-positive cancer every year, although tragically (so far) most never even get correctly diagnosed as ALK-positive due to lack of universal testing for the mutation. The cure rate for stage 4 ALK lung cancer is NIL, ZERO, NADA, and almost all ALK patients are diagnosed at stage 4!!

Thanks to the medical advances of the past decade, my cancer is temporarily suppressed for now with a “targeted therapy” drug that blocks the gene from signaling. But these drugs always only work for a period of time before the cancer evolves and is no longer affected by these drugs. With these drugs the median survival is now up to about 6 years (this number has been steadily increasing the last few years thanks to research breakthroughs!!- without any treatment the median survival for this type of cancer is 6-9 months!). I have now been 3.5 years since diagnosis, so statistically my median remaining survival time is 2.5 years, unless improved treatments are discovered.

Continued survival for me, and tens of thousands of others, is dependent on continued advances in medical research to develop better screening, better diagnosis and better treatments.

I have joined a worldwide group of patients with my type of lung cancer called "ALK Positive". The group now has almost 1900 members from about 45 countries. I am currently a member of the Executive Board for ALK Positive, as well as Chair of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee and lead member of the Research Review Panel.
ALK Positive has:
-several external expert scientists to provide unbiased opinions on the potential of different proposals, and have stringent criteria for proposals equivalent to those required for NIH submissions.
- our own internal panel (Research Review Panel) comprised of 5 individuals (all ALK patients or caregivers) with deep medical backgrounds.
- experts that also review to ensure that the researchers proposed budget is realistic.
- a well-structured scoring and review system with regular progress reports required for additional funding.
-the ability to select from any number of submitted proposals, including from world-leading academic institutions as MGH, UC Health, Vanderbilt, MD Anderson, but also all others.

ALK Positive have previously partnered with the LUNGevity Foundation to raise money funding research that can move quickly into new treatments (clinical trials). From September 2017 until November 2018 we raised over $600,000 that funded three medical research projects that are focused on trying to find a way to make immunotherapy effective for treating ALK-positive cancer. If successful, these projects could lead to new treatment options, as immunotherapy has not yet worked for our subtype. If you are interested you can read about these projects that are now underway at: lungevity.org/research/translational-science-research-grant-programs/funded-projects/partner-awards.
These projects are due to be finished around mid-2020. Their progress reports are looking excellent.

ALK Positive have now also partnered with the GO2 Foundation to raise money that will fund research that can move quickly into new treatments. ALK Positive have started a second fundraising effort to fund more research, and our goal is to raise $500,000 by the end of 2019 (hopefully sooner). We have identified a promising new research project that could add years to our median survival. We hope someday to make ALK-positive cancer a chronic and manageable disease rather than a terminal illness. I hope that happens SOON while I am still alive!

The budget expected for the selected research project is $500,000.
This will be due in 4 payments of $125,000 over 2 years.
I have super amazing EXCITING INCREDIBLE news!!
A Generous Donor (they wish to remain anonymous) has committed to make a donation of $125,000 immediately to cover the first due payment!
But wait, there is more!!!!
The Generous Donor will do a 100% match of all donations made to GO2/ALK Positive Research Fund up to the end of this November, up to a $100,000 match!!
AND, I will match will do a 50% match of all donations made up to the end of November, up to a $50,000 match!!
So, if you make a $100 donation, it will result in $250 total donation to the ALK Positive Research Fund.
Our goal for November, before the matches, is $100,000. When we raise that amount, it will result in a total, with the matches, of $250,000!! (enough for our next 2 payments)
So, please don’t delay, Lung Cancer Awareness Month (that’s November, now!!!) is the time to ask your friends, co-workers, family members, and yourself, to donate BIG, and GET THAT 150% MATCH and reach (or exceed) our target.

More Research=More Life!!
small donations, big donations....all donations will be matched and all will help. The sooner ALK Positive can get this fully funded, the sooner we can start our NEXT project, which might even be a CLINICAL TRIAL!!

The link to make a donation online with a credit card is

If you prefer to write a check, please make the check payable to:
“ALK Positive/GO2 Research Fund”
and also write "ALK Positive Research -Colin Barton" in the memo line...

and mail to:
GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
1700 K St NW #660
Washington DC 20006

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by the tax laws. Please consult with your professional tax advisor. However, please consider donating even if the donation is not allowable as a tax-deduction.

Your support means a great deal to me!
Treasure EVERY day!!
Thank you!



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