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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Jodi Parker

Lung Cancer Awareness Month-Research Matters

A few pills a day: that is what survival looks like for many ALK-positive lung cancer patients. But eventually, all patients develop resistance to this treatment.

No one yet knows what causes this form of lung cancer, and there is no cure.

ALK Positive, a patient-led advocacy group, is leading the effort to fund groundbreaking research. In partnership with GO2, this research will pursue lower rates of resistance and increased rates of survival.

Your support is more than helpful, it has a genuine impact on the lives of our patients, because more research = more life.

Help support life-changing research by donating to my fundraiser. And please, share this page with your family and friends.


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Recent Donations

1. BCBobbe Crapo
In Honor Of Jodi Parker
2. BCBobbe Crapo
Honoring Jodi Garst Parker.
3. JRJo Rose
Go get ‘em Jodi, our miracle friend and fighter activist! 💕
4. CPCarlos Paz
5. JPJoey Parker
So proud of you! Making a difference every day. Together we can find a cure and save lives! Love you!
6. CWChristy Williams
Your tireless work on behalf of lung cancer research is truly inspiring Jodi.