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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Kathleen Mahoney

Badarse Scottish warrior AKA Kathleen Mahoney

My name is Kathleen Mahoney I am 55 years old I have three children Faith, Aidan (15 year old twins) Patrick (23) and my amazing husband soulmate and rock Patrick.

In September 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 1V Non Small Cell Lung Cancer with the mutation ALK positive and metastasis to bones, spine, hips, liver, thoracic, lymph and brain.

This type of lung cancer is driven by an alteration in the ALK positive gene which is incredibly rare only 4% of lung cancer patents have this type of cancer. It affects mostly young healthy female non smokers (LUCKY ME) There are currently only three drugs available to treat my cancer. Once my body starts to reject my current drug (Allectinib) which is inevitable I will need more options.
The clock is ticking and I am fighting.

So far my tumors have been greatly reduced and things are stable today. I say today as eventually the targeted therapy I am taking will fail and when it does I hope Research has developed another targeted therapy.

This is why research into new drugs is absolutely CRITICAL for my life and the lives of many others who have been diagnosed with this awful terminal disease.

More lives are lost to lung cancer than colorectal, breast and prostrate cancers combined. Only six percent of federal government dollars spent on cancer research are spent on lung cancer.

Please donate any amount you are comfortable with since each and every dollar counts more than you know!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Kathleen Mahoney AKA (Badarse Scottish Warrior)


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