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We are in for the fight!

Stephanie Yocum

Saving Mr Yocum

This Thanksgiving I am grateful that my husband is responding to treatment and feeling well enough to leave for a family Disney vacation tomorrow.

Two months ago our lives changed in a way we could never have imagined. Jim was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. We have gone through every emotion imaginable.

Jim’s cancer is ALK positive, something that about 3%-5% of Lung Cancer patients have. It is not from smoking or anything else he did. Let me be clear, if you have lungs you can get lung cancer. The good news is that because he is ALK positive there is a targeted treatment and it’s working.

BUT it won’t work forever. Some people get a year or less while some get more than 3. We are praying Jim is part of the latter group. After this treatment there might be one more that could work for him but after that....

This is where we need help. There is INCREDIBLE research being done that could literally save Jim’s life and most of it is funded by grassroots fundraising by patients and their families. If I can help pay for a few days of that research...who knows, maybe those will be the days that will keep Jim here just a little longer for me and most of all for Betti.

So if you can give this holiday season, I ask that you do. I never dreamed I’d have to ask for this type of help. I can guarantee these dollars go directly to the research for Jim’s cancer type. Prayers and love and hope are also appreciated. We are committed to Jim seeing Betti graduate high school! Help me get him there!!!


raised of $7,000 goal

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