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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Tanya Radeke Moore

Tanya Radeke Moore

Thank you for visiting my Fundraising page! I am pushing forward in my efforts to help support my sister and her team of ALKies and their efforts to raise money for RESEARCH. As most of you know, Christina discovered a swollen, hard lymph node in her neck in March 2019. On April 1st 2019 she had a biopsy and soon after learned that she had Stage IV Metastatic Lung Cancer. This came as a HUGE shock to our entire family as Christina was very health conscious, not a smoker and had no symptoms to indicate that her lungs were compromised. What we have learned through this journey is that this type of cancer is caused by a rare gene translocation or rearrangement. If you have lungs you can have lung cancer. She is currently having a great response from her Targeted Therapy, which targets and blocks the gene causing the cancer. The Research and funding is NEEDED to develop new and improved targeted therapy and to develop medication to prevent resistance that seems to develop over time to keep these targeted therapies working. Federal funding for Lung Cancer is far less than Breast, Colon, and Prostate with far more cancer deaths per year. I welcome any and all ideas for fundraising efforts from any individual or small business ideas. Thank you all friends and family!!


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1. RWRoberta And Tom Wilder
Tanya: let's move you a little closer to your goal
2. DRDon And Sharon Radeke
From Mom and Dad. Keep working on this. Christina will crush it! Thanks for all you have done to support!! XOXOXO
3. DTDebbie Talbot
4. MWMindy Warren
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
5. EFEconomou Family
6. EMErin Merica
We love you all! Team Merica