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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Beth Rotman

Beth Rotman

In February 2019, I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSC lung cancer. I was 49 years old, in good health AND I had never smoked.

Crazy, right?!? That’s what I thought. How could I have lung cancer if I’ve never smoked, AND it’s already spread to my brain and my spine.

I was devastated. To be told that I have terminal cancer at this point in my life just about shattered me.

But then the good news started coming...

I found out that the cancer was being driven by a gene-rearrangement (mutation) called ALK. And recent research found a way to completely stop this cancer mutation in its tracks.

Yes, completely stop it.

I started on one of these ALK inhibitors in April, and I have had an amazing response. MOST OF MY TUMORS ARE GONE!

But there's a catch...lung cancer is incredibly tenacious and smart . It eventually figures out a way around these life-giving drugs and starts to grow again. So frustrating! Why does the cancer have to outsmart the drug?!? There are only two more drugs available to me when the one I currently take stops working. BUT WE ARE SO CLOSE TO A CURE. There is amazing research happening, right now, all over the world, to turn this death sentence into a manageable chronic illness.

Please consider donating to help further this life-giving research.

Your donation will directly go to projects that will help me and other ALK lung cancer patients live longer with cancer.

Please donate today. I want to be here to see my daughters grow up and start their own lives. I want to see them get married and start their careers, and I want to be a grandmother...someday.

Thank you!


raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

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Thinking of you and sending positive vibes!
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Praying with you for a cure Beth! Hang tough, stay strong! Xoxo
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