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For David

Jeff Tran

Team DZ!

David was diagnosed a year and a half ago with stage 4 lung cancer. Fortunately, David responded early and well to initial treatment. For most of those days, David lived an unhindered life surrounded by his closest friends and family, doing the things he loved. Sadly, the cancer eventually progressed, and he passed away peacefully on January 30th, 2020.

The news is no doubt heart-wrenching, as we've all lost a dear friend well before his time. You all know David in different capacities, but all can likely identify the same qualities that made David so loved.

From his willingness to make jokes at his own expense that made him so easy for anyone to connect with, to his unrelenting support of those around him, we were all touched by him in one way or another. We can all recognize these qualities, amongst many others, because David never compromised the integrity of his character to appease others, and those around him truly got to know his authentic self.

Please help us honor his memory by donating to ALK-positive lung cancer research.


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