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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

George Oliver

Vitality Big Half


I am running the Vitality Big Half Marathon with my good friend Andy. Andy's brother James was recently diagnosed with ALK positive lung cancer, a type of cancer that is not caused by environmental or lifestyle factors but because of a rearrangement of genes in a person's DNA.

The underlying causes are not yet known and there is no cure.

Recent advances in treatment are helping to stop the cancer from growing, however everyone eventually becomes immune to these treatments, allowing the cancer to grow again.

Please help me to raise a little money for this cause and for Andy, James and their family.

All donations are in USD as it is funding research directly undertaken in the US.

Thanks and love to all.



raised of $200 goal

Recent Donations

1. EREmily & Rich
Well Done!
2. CGCarl Griffiths
Congratulations George! A great cause and a gret time! Well done mate
3. KNKatie And Nick
A great cause George! Well done! x
4. EPEmma Peters
well done George!!
5. VRVicki & Ruby
Absolutely smashed it babe. Well done.
6. JGJamie Gibbard
Thanks for this George!