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Lisa Scibilia

Lisa Scibilia

On September 4, 2019 I was diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized to my brain and bones. 20 years ago someone with my diagnosis could expect 3-6 months to live. Thanks to research - as well as many cancer patients who have gone before me - I hope to have many years of living ahead!!

Researchers found that my kind of lung cancer is from a genetic mutation called ALK+ and created a targeted therapy drug that stops the cancer cells from growing. Within a few months of this oral chemo, my overall cancer shrunk by 62%. 15 months later, I am ALIVE and doing great - my cancer is stable and I have had the opportunity to make many more happy memories with my family and friends!

I'm beyond grateful to be here! I'll be fighting this disease for the rest of my life and desperately hope researchers find more ways to keep me and others with this disease alive.

Can you believe that although lung cancer takes more lives annually than the next three cancers combined (breast, colon and pancreatic), it has the LEAST amount of federal research funding? Each year 228,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer - one in sixteen people within their lifetime! Research saves lives - including mine and someday maybe even YOURS or the life of someone you love!

Thank you for your interest in supporting ALK Positive and GO2 lung cancer research!


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1. NSNicholas Steck
2. JFJean Lorizio & Family
Thinking of you Lisa! You are amazing. I marvel at your strength, courage and grace. Sending much love!
3. MLMaura Leone
All our best to you and yours this coming holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🌲 Miss you all and looking forward to one last fall a Panther Football Season 💙
4. MCMo Carty
Love you to the moon!
5. JFJoanne Farrand
Blessings to you Lisa !
6. NWNancy Webster
Lisa, This is such important research. And, your continued strength is an inspiration to us all.