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My ALK Positive Fundraising Page

Rhandi Roddenberry

Team Rhandi

Hello, my name is Rhandi Roddenberry and I was diagnosed with stage 4 ALK+ NSCLC in September of 2019. This type of lung cancer does not get a lot of attention and has a small but very driven community. We are collectively advocating on our own behalf by spreading awareness and funding research. More research = more life for me and my fellow ALKies.

To learn more about ALK-positive non-small-cell lung cancer go to alkpositive.org

Donations like this lead to real breakthroughs. For my own treatment, I am taking a drug called alectinib which was only discovered a few years ago. This therapy is working well but a day will come that it will no longer be effective. Research advances are what I and many others need to give us more time.



raised of $20,000 goal

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We are with you!
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Merry Christmas Rhandi & Evan. We are thinking of you.