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In an effort to better understand mechanisms of EGFR resistance and to identify new drug candidates, ALCF and ALCMI are partnering with the EGFR Resisters, a group of patients who have come together through the power of social media. This group of individuals now includes over eight hundred people around the globe who are working to advance research on EGFR lung cancer by supporting science and projects with the goal to improve outcomes for people with EGFR positive lung cancer. The ultimate objective is changing EGFR positive lung cancer into a manageable chronic disease.

ALCF and the EGFR Resisters are working together to raise awareness and money for projects that will benefit the EGFR community.

One great way to get involved is to create your very own EGFR fundraising page. Start now and see just how easy it is.

(For any check/cash donations, please make sure to indicate which campaign the funds will be credited towards. ex: "EGFR Resisters" Also, for any Wire Transfers, please email for more information).

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