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My EGFR Resisters Fundraising Page

Laura Book

Laura Book's Birthday Fundraiser

As many of you know, I was diagnosed just over 3 years ago with Stage 4 EGFR positive lung cancer. Having been a non-smoker, this came as a shock to me but now that I am more familiar with the disease, I have learned that if you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. Ten years ago, I would have been dead by now, but research has prolonged survival for many of us, including me.

Please help me raise money for the EGFR Resisters research fund as my life depends on this kind of research. Unfortunately the National Cancer Institute, which Congress funds for research, spends very little on lung cancer even though it is the #1 cancer killer of all men and women. Every dollar I raise, with your help, will fund the type of research that I can benefit from. Together, we can make a difference! Thanks so much.


raised of $2,500 goal

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1. AGAllison Graves
Hey, I got to be the one to hit your goal! Sweet! Keep on going after the folks in D.C. : )
2. PDPatricia Delaney
Happy Belated Birthday!
3. MMira
Happy birthday Laura. Wishing you well.
4. IFIan Preston Memorial Fund
Love you, Laura.
5. TPThe Preston
A birthday donation. Fuck cancer.
6. TThe performer known as vinorican
Happy B