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In Memory of Alan Wong

Yuet Wong

In Memory of Alan Wong

To all of our family and friends,

As many of you have learned, Alan was diagnosed with Stage 4 EGFR+ lung cancer in January of this year, despite never being a smoker. Over the past six months he put up a brave and valiant fight, always putting forth a positive attitude and never complaining. Even to the end he continued to fight, until he passed comfortably at home on Saturday, July 20th, ten days after his 90th birthday.

The medical community is still at the forefront of lung cancer treatment. As we learn more about lung cancer on a molecular level, lung cancer will hopefully become a more treatable disease via immuno and targetable therapies.

Having witnessed the effects of this terrible disease, we have chosen to help raise money to help fund research projects selected by the EGFR Resisters Group. Alan had EGFR+ exon 20 mutation, which is one of the less treatable forms of this disease. Hopefully with your support doctors will one day be able to treat this form.

To learn more, please visit this website at egfrcancer.org
Every dollar we raise will advance GO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer.


raised of $2,500 goal

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Dear Patty and Family, We are so sorry for the relatively sudden loss of your father, husband, and grandfather. He was an extraordinary man and your wonderful legacy lives on through him. Sending love & prayers
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What a beautiful way to honor your father/grandfather. Keeping your family in our thoughts at this difficult time.
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