In an effort to better understand mechanisms of EGFR resistance and to identify new drug candidates, ALCF and ALCMI are partnering with the "EGFR Resisters," a group of patients who have come together through the power of social media. This group of individuals now includes over five hundred people around the globe who are working to advance research on EGFR lung cancer by supporting science and projects with the goal to improve outcomes for people with EGFR positive lung cancer. The ultimate objective is changing EGFR positive lung cancer into a manageable chronic disease.
ALCF and the EGFR Resisters will be working together to raise awareness and money for projects that will benefit the EGFR community.
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CRCaroline Riley
Keep up the great work Nicole. !!
$40.00 TCTracy Castrillon
For a rockstar showing cancer no mercy!!! Love ya Nic!!!!
$50.00 JSJeannie Sanchez
Kick some Ass Nicole. You have this and we will be rooting for you!!! Live Life and embrace this journey. It is how you live it that will make a difference. Love you!!! Jeannie
$20.00 MMMarie Margarella
Keep fighting, love you??????
$100.00 SDSarah Doerner
MGMartin Greeninger
Keep kicking ass, Nicole! ??
$25.00 KNKaiulani Newhouse
Love ?? you Nicole Merino!!
$50.00 JKJoanne Kyriacou
You've got a lot of people rooting for you! Keep positive and keep moving forward. Sending love & prayers! ??
$26.00 TATracy Auerbach
Love you Nic. You’re my hero, ass-kicker!
$50.00 CGCristina Goyanes
What an amazing attitude! That's the spirit, sister. I'm rooting for you and sending love and hugs for days! xox