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In honor of Figen Besibirlik Rigot

To Our Dear Beloved Mom Figen Besibirlik Rigot

Dear Friends & Family,

This page is dedicated to our dear beloved mom Figen Besibirlik Rigot who had passed away five years ago. She suffered from asthma during her early life. She was then diagnosed with COPD. Unfortunately, there isn’t much thing to do when a body is trapped with such a chronic illness like COPD.

Through this memorial page, our goal is to commemorate our dear beloved mom by helping the COPD Foundation make more research, and by helping everyone who reads this memorial page to:

Have a positive attitude
Embrace healthy habits on a daily basis
Abandon toxic people and matter around you
Love your life you live in, no matter what happens
Take action to fight against your unhealthy genetic constitution
Hurry to do all of the above because there isn’t any remedy after the damage is done

Thank you for reading us and for all your support !!!

Füsun Besibirlik (her younger sister and our dear beloved aunt who passed away in 2015 from COPD)
Feridun Besibirlik (her younger brother and our uncle)
Claude Rigot (her husband & our dad)
Denise Rigot Mutlu & Rosine Rigot Bingöl (her daughters)
Tugrul Bingöl & Mustafa Mutlu (her sons-in-law)

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - ROSINE



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