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Our Wedding Fundraising Page

Ann Haynie
Thank you for helping us support GO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer by making a contribution to our wedding fundraiser.

Much love,

John and Ann Marie



Recent Donations

1. FBFrank Brown
Congratulations Ann Marie and John!
2. ABAnne And Marshall Brown
Ann Marie and John, Congratulations on your wedding! Although you had to delay, I’m glad you were able to go forward with your plans in SMA. We wish you much happiness and many blessings! Hope to see you the next time you are in Greensboro. Love, Anne and Marshall
3. KCKim And Mike Cranford
4. JJessica and David Parker
In loving memory of Maureen Gerhardt
5. LGLori Gerhardt
John, I know your mother would be proud.... Ann Cannon
6. JHJohn Benjamin & Stacey Harrington
John and Ann Marie -- We love you guys and are so happy for you. (We're also so bummed to miss what's going to be one of the greatest weddings ever!) Let's hang out soon in New York! - John and Stacey