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Let's raise some money to fight lung cancer!

Team Holderize 70.3

My friend Renee Holder was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2016, just as I was finishing my first triathlon. When we met up earlier that month, Renee told me of her plans to complete two marathons in October to get ready to compete in Ironman St. George in November 2016. Renee is fighting stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer and plans for her to compete in an Ironman have been put on hold while she undergoes chemo and radiation just to feel better. My plan is to compete in Ironman Coeur d'Alene Idaho 70.3 in June 2017 and to raise money to fight this horrible type of cancer. Renee's wish for anyone who wants to help her is to "get their sweat on" and to fight for a good cause. This is my way of doing both! Holderize it!

Update: Renee passed away September 28, 2016 after a valiant fight against a very aggressive form of lung cancer at the age of 31. In addition to a hard-core athlete, Renee was a good friend, a palliative care pharmacist, a world traveler, a lover of dachshunds, a foodie, a global health advocate, a mostly vegan, a lover of the finest high-heeled shoes, an instructor of body pump, a mentor, a learner, a community builder, and a consumer of all things fun. We will never know the degree to which she could have made the world a better place had we had the right tools to fight her cancer. It's important to be aware that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer (even non-smokers). Please consider donating to the ALCF so that someday we will know how to keep lung cancer from shortening the lives of amazing people like Renee.



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Good luck in race your, Katherine. Renee will be smiling big for you! Leiana
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