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Created by Eric Bretan

Barbara Bretan

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! Love, Barbara's Family

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1. trTiffnie Robertson
2. ?Anonymous
Eric, Kelly, Alyssa and Kayla - Your beautiful family of four is in great part a testament to Eric's Mom, who obviously imparted amazing values of caring, giving and love. The way Eric cared for his Mom in her time of need is precious. I have always loved you guys and am really thinking of you a lot in this difficult time. Love, CBK (Ms. Christine)
4. DMDino Maurati
Eric and Kelly We loved Barbara so much!! We are so sorry! Kelly~ You were like a daughter to her , she loved you so much! she told me several times! She will be missed very much
5. KKarim and Suzanne
We loved Barbara. She was a most kind, generous and thoughtful person. She was fun and loving and caring. She also was a beautiful woman who had a great talent for the work she performed. She also raised two accomplished and talented children. She was exceptionally courageous. A few months ago when I was badly injured Barbara called me and said that I should try very hard to get better and she called again to see how I was progressing. At that point that was just the encouragement that I needed from a woman who knew how to fight a formidable opponent. Barbara you will be missed, always and forever. Our great sympathy to Eric and Dana and their lovely families. Love, Karim and Suzanne
6. CBCarolynn Boisvert
7. SBSheri Bretan
What a wonderful way to honor and memorialize your Mom. So proud of how the two of you handled her end of life care. May Barbara’s memory be for a blessing
8. JHJill Hoppe
Our love and prayers are with your family. We dream of a day when a cure is found for this disease so that no more families have to suffer. With love, Kevin, Jill, Hannah and P.K. Hoppe
9. ?Anonymous