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Friends and Family of Jessica Panzer

Jessica reminded all of us how important life is; through her work and the way she lived, but also during her battle against the disease that eventually took her life. Jessica was fighting an unfair battle; non-small cell lung cancer is a disease that does not get the recognition, advocacy or money that is needed to find effective treatments. She pointed out to many of us the need to advocate to stop this disease. The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute is one of the few organizations investing find a cure for the type of lung cancer that affected Jessica. They are working to fight lung cancer in young, non-smoking adults; people like Jessica. Jessica's family, friends and co-workers have set up this tribute fund to help continue Jessica's battle against lung cancer. Please donate and continue the fight.

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1. Brieze Keeley
Hi there, I didn't know Jessica, but I recently lost my Mom, Elizabeth Maren Ylvisaker, to lung cancer at a tragically young age as well. I hope that our efforts to help end this terrible disease will be an honor to both Jessica and Beth's memories. With love and respect, Brieze Keeley
2. LNLeisha Nolen
To continue the fight and stop others from suffering from this disease.
3. HLHong Lin
4. ?Anonymous
5. ABAlisa Baer
In memory of Jess Panzer
6. CCathy and Chris Branam
In memory of a remarkable person with all our love.
7. HBHarold Branam
8. SGSean Gurell
9. TETina Eckhardt
10. JOJennifer Orthmann Murphy
11. MMargie & Tony Pemberton and family
12. JJoel Stein and Erica Sood
13. JBJudith Burkman
14. DSDavid Silva
15. LLinda and Wayne Prentice
16. PDPaula Dozzi
May her friends and family find comfort in the beautiful memories that live in their hearts.
17. RDRebecca S Davidson
18. JSJonathan Samuel
19. VGVikas Gupta
20. MRMiriam Rosenberg
Thinking of you every day. Giving so that your legacy may be saving others, something you cared so deeply about and gave so much of yourself to do. <3 you Jess.
21. EBErica Berrios
Not even over 20 years can fade the memories of Jess's kindness and beautiful smile. You made RH Class of 1994 proud! #gonetoosoon
22. JSJessica Stern
23. SFSara Felsen
24. JJohn Grable, MD
My prayers and thoughts to all of Jessica's family - so sorry for your loss. John Grable
25. SKSheridan Koplow
We love you and will always miss you, Jessica
26. RRichard and Paula Anderson
27. JJudith Balot
Love you and miss you always! xoxo
28. TTracy and Warren Petrofsky
29. RRay and Cheryl Mayewski
We share your sorrow
30. JJ D Mortenson
In fond memory of shared times a long time ago.
31. AArati & Thomas Kreibich
We are so saddened by Jessica's death and hope that we can help in some small way towards research to find a cure.
32. KKeith Skelton
33. OEOlive Eckstein
34. AAndrea and Steve Berry
We will remember you always, Jess.
35. SSusan and Larry Benson
In loving memory....
36. CBChristine Brisson
37. SPScott R Panzer
38. CMCara Mansour
I will miss her.
39. SSSarah San Clemente
In loving memory....
40. LLeisha Nolen
In honor of an amazing woman
41. JMJennifer Markowitz
42. ASAlison Skalet
Love you, Jess.