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In loving Memory of Diana Lynn Parisi

Created by Jessie Locci

Diana Lynn Parisi

Diana Lynn Parisi gained her wings June 11, 2017 after a 3 year battle with Lung cancer. One of her five wishes was for her memorial service to be a celebration of life with "music- my friends and family having beers! If you can contribute to Lung Cancer foundations- so a cure can be found!"- Diana Lynn Parisi

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1. OOnSite Facility Services
To David Steinbach & Family from the staff at OnSite Facility Services. Our thoughts are with you during your time of loss.
2. NNick and Carol
You Added laughter and love to all that knew you. Love ?? you lots.
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4. JLJoseph M Locci
5. BDBriana Davis
Love you Madre..
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10. JJessica Locci
I love and miss you more than words can say mama.... "text me if you need anything... love ya" - Your pumpkin face