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Geneva Jones

My mother, Geneva Jones, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in late December 2016. Before that she lived a happy life where she was a nurse, personal trainer and constantly serving in our church. For the 6 months she fought this aggressive battle while still taking care of her family. She recently went to be with the Lord due to the lung cancer spreading through her body so quickly. She ended up having a stroke that paralyzed her whole right side. Doctors estimated her time to be very short after the stroke. She's was no longer able to speak and was in hospice for 2 weeks she later passed on July 5th. Geneva prayed hard and was strong all throughout the battle I'm so proud to call her my mom. I'm a college student and my brother has Down Syndrome, but I want to keep my mom’s promise to take care of him when she's gone. She was such a beautiful soul and took care of us alone by the grace of God. Anything you can donate would be a blessing at this time. I believe the Lord will make a way out of no way. Thank you to everyone that reaches out! I know pain is a part of growing so that we can reach for faith and lean on the Lord in these hard times.. He can do it!!!!

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