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Heather strong

Heather or i should say mom, was diagnosed with stage four Lung cancer on December 2nd, 2015. She was given only 6 months to live but my mom being the strongest woman i have ever met put up a fight for 2 years. On July 23, 2017 she passed in my arms. With me being only 18 years old, losing my mom was the hardest thing i will ever go through. My mother was not a smoker, never smoked a day in her life. With this being said was it even possible for her to get Stage four Lung cancer? Yes, anyone is at risk for this, not a lot of people know that. I hope by me doing this page for the respect of my mother people will be aware of this awful disease. I always thought that my mom would be that 1% that would survive since she was so strong. I would like all the money that will be donated to go to the lung cancer foundation, so maybe that they will find a cure so that other kids like me won't have to lose a parent.

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