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Ken Olsen Memorial Page

Created by Carolyn Olsen

Kenneth Olsen

Thank you for visiting and honoring Ken's memory. Ken succumbed to lung cancer on February 18, 2018 while at home with his family in Los Altos Hills, CA.

Lung cancer is a very difficult disease that took Ken's life and also his mother's life. Lung cancer is a disease that is most often associated with smoking. Ken's non-smoking, healthy life as a marathon runner is proof that this disease spares no one. In fact, a growing number of lung cancers are among young, non-smokers, like Ken. Thank you for supporting the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and their mission to fund critical research to support lung cancer patients.

Thank you,
Ken's Family (Lynne, Ian, Eva, Olivia Olsen, Paul Olsen, Joanne Olsen and Carolyn Olsen LeBaron)

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