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Falmouth Road Race 2018

This cause is very dear to me, as both my cousin Gwen and myself are lung cancer survivors . In 2017, I had been an avid runner but started to feel fatigue and develop a persistent cough. I was shocked to learn I had advanced stage lung cancer. After having almost half of my right lung removed, going through chemotherapy and a clinical drug trial that left me with arthritis in my hands and feet, I slowly fought my way back. Now I am continuing to run (very slowly), proving to myself that I am strong and also to raise awareness about lung cancer . It kills more people every year than breast, colon and pancreatic cancer combined! We need your help. Please donate ..... I will be running the Falmouth Road Race on August 19, 2018, feeling grateful that I have the opportunity and also running for those battling lung cancer right now.



raised of $1,000 goal

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Kick-ass, Lee. Love you!
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Good luck Lee!!