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Lee Macleod FRR 2019

Lee Macleod

This is my mission!!!!! I am continuing my fundraising from last year in order to raise money for lung cancer education, patient support, advocacy, and research.

This year's road race brings mixed emotions for me.... I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude that my lung cancer has remained in remission for two years and that my cousin, Gwen, is continuing to do well on her targeted treatment plan, thanks to a breakthrough drug she was given in a clinical trial.

Sadly, the harsh reality of this disease remains..... lung cancer is responsible for almost 25% of all cancer deaths (seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/common.html). There are people I know, and probably you do too, who have lost a friend or family member to lung cancer. I want to see the day when lung cancer is a treatable disease for everyone diagnosed.

I'm running in this road race because I want to help change the outcomes for lung cancer patients. Please help me do this!



raised of $3,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. PCPeter And Christine
Have a great race Lee!
2. SHSuzie Hauptmann
Thanks Lee - this is in honor of you and your commitment to the fight - and in memory of Ed ❤️
3. DJDapper & Jeanne
4. ?Anonymous
5. BGBobby Goode
6. JRJill Riedell
Go get ‘em Lee!!