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Team Michele: Smoky Eyes Not Lungs

Thank you for visiting our team page! This is the second year in a row we are participating in this great event, and all of the proceeds go toward helping cure lung cancer. Michele is still fighting this battle and doing amazing, and we couldn't get through this without all of your love and support. Please consider joining us for this event on November 3rd if you're in the South Florida area :)


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1. AMAmber Moss
I love you. Keep kicking ass.
for my dear, dear friend michele!!!!!! love her so much!!!
3. MMichele Holop Diamond
I am happy to go to this again with you and plan on going to 30 or 40 of them with you in the future ! Stay strong my beautiful friend !
4. DFDoribess Fuller
Much love Michelle, my strong, beautiful, friend..xoxo
5. VSVicki Stolberg
Michele, you inspire me each and every day.... You're BEAUTIFUL inside and out!