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Carole Lu

Like may ROS1DERS, I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer even though I was relatively young (37) and had never smoked. My oldest son was 5 at the time, and we were navigating school and kindergarten. His brother was 3, in preschool. Life got a lot bumpier, fast.

Luckily, my cancer was sent out for testing and came back with a ROS1 mutation. Along with chemotherapy and SRS, I was able to get take cutting-edge drugs and join clinical trials to help keep the cancer at bay. If I'd been diagnosed just a year or two earlier, my chances of more time would have been much, much lower. Research helps keep me alive.

Cancer treatment is rapidly changing and new research, especially targeted to our cancer, will help speed it along. The ROS1DERS are pushing scientists to create new cell lines that will help us find new ways to treat this cancer. Together, I hope we make a difference.

Thank you for your support!



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1. VSVictor Saldanha
We look forward to many more cancer free years and ultimately cure. All the best. Victor & Janine
2. Carole Lu