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Welcome to my Fundraiser for ROS1+ Cancer

Janet FD's ROS1 Research Fundraiser

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you'll support me, the ROS1ders ( and the Global ROS1 Initiative as we strive to accelerate research, find better treatments and hopefully cure ROS1 positive (ROS1+) cancers.

My type of cancer is driven by an alteration in the ROS1 gene. Medical research has made it possible for me to live well with aggressive, metastatic ROS1+ lung cancer since 2011. However, ROS1+ cancer is uncommon (only 1%-2% of lung and other cancers) and not well understood. Only one approved ROS1-targeted drug exists, and little is known about how the disease begins, progresses and develops resistance to treatment. That's why I helped to create the Global ROS1 Initiative (a unique collaboration between ROS1 patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, and industry). This project is very dear to me. I hope you'll contribute to it!



raised of $50,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. AAnn Luna Winston
Thank you for being our advocate and a source of information in our ros1 journey.
2. ?Anonymous
3. NMNancy Markey
4. EHEmily Hsiung
You're a tireless patient and patient advocate. Thank you for all that you do for lung cancer patients <3
5. LELars Engstrom
6. RFRonnie Fong
Thank you for your advocacy and for pushing the frontiers. To Sixty and Beyond! to #beatlungcancer.