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Welcome to Christine's Fundraising Page

Christine's Fundraising Page

Welcome to My Page
Christine’s Research Fundraising

Thanks for visiting my page. 

I have lung cancer with metastasis to brain. I am not a smoker and hardly drink any alcohol. I’m married, a mother and well-established career women. My parents and my relatives all live healthily and actively. I did everything right according to the book, but... You think lung cancer can't happen to you. Little do you know that NO RISK FACTORS ARE REQUIRED. All you need are lungs to get the #1 cancer killer of both women & men.

The form of my lung cancer is quite rare, called ROS1+lung cancer. Only 1-2% patient are diagnosed with ROS1+ lung cancer, and little is know about this rare form of cancer. Currently only one proven ROS1 targeted medications exists. It is critical that we learn more about ROS1+ lung cancer and find a cure. The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF), the largest lung cancer foundation in USA, is launching research and advocacy specially for ROS1 lung cancer.

I have committed to raising $10,000 in order to fund ROS1 research aimed at better understanding this type of lung cancer. Please help me to reach my goal by making a $50 donation today.



raised of $10,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. QZQiang Zhang
Best Wishes!
2. AAAttahiru Alfa
Hi Christine: Well done! Michelle and I wish you a great success in your fundraising.
3. ?Anonymous
Bravo, Christine! You are so impressive and keep up!
4. SSean O'Brien
It’s been great to hear about the wonderful things you are doing to fundraise and advocate for cancer research. All the best!
5. DDoug Thomson
Thanks for your efforts to battle a terrible disease.
6. MTMark Francis Tachie