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Stephanie Hart

Hart Nation Foundation

Please be aware all donations are in US dollars!

I debated a long time before creating this page, I really don't like asking people for their hard earned money. But the generosity of people in our lives over the last 2.5 years has blown me away, you have all given us your help, time, food, and gifts. Honestly, I have become more generous myself as a result - I was a stooge compared with you all! And you all continue to ask how you can help more, amazing.

Which brings me to the point of this page. Any money donated here will go directly to ROS1 cancer research. ROS1 is the genetic mutation in Wayne's cancer, which occurs in less than 1% of lung cancer. This mutation means the cancer can be treated with targeted therapies, TKIs (insert highly scientific explanation here - Google it if you are actually interested). These can work amazingly well, but eventually the cancer outsmarts them. Wayne has been on 3 of these drugs already and beat the odds because of them. Some patients are living 10+ years with stage 4 lung cancer because of these treatments (previously 1 year was considered long).

As of today Wayne is off these treatments and trying chemotherapy. There are 2 new TKIs in early trials, but more research is needed. Wayne could directly benefit from the research these donations will fund. So will many other ROS1 patients.

Thanks is not a strong enough word, please know how much you all have done for us and how grateful we are for the Hart Nation!



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3. MMark Langley
Happy New Year Wayne and Stephanie! I only just stumbled across this great initiative - doh!
4. MMeanGirl WestCoast
5. KKimberly and Derek
Lots of positive thoughts and love to you guys!!
6. IFIan Fitzgerald
Hey Stephanie and Wayne, thinking of you often, praying for miraculously awesome recovery. Wayne you're a legend!