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Welcome to the ROS1 Study's Page

ROS1 Study

I never expected to make it to 40, which I will do on March 19! This fundraiser is my birthday present, in the hopes that I can see many more birthdays thanks to amazing researchers. Your gifts will support an innovative research project focused on the ROS1 mutation, which is the "mistake" that my cells made to cause my cancer. Give all you can to support new discoveries, deeper understanding, and more great days, months and years of life.
Thank you! Tori Tomalia



raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. CFCorene Ford
2. AKAttila Kovacs
3. SVSusan Valentini
Good luck Tori Tomalia!
4. JSJames Sunderland
From a fellow survivor (colon cancer though).
5. DCDaniel Cadigan
Keep on fighting. Survivors stick together! I hope to make the trip up to Ann Arbor for a craft brew this year.
6. MKMary Koral
Go go go! I am with you, Tori... and all others living this cancer-life.