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Leslie LaChance's ROS1 Lung Cancer Research Fundraising Page

Leslie Lachance

Leslie LaChance's ROS1 Research Fundraiser

Thank you for visiting my lung cancer research fundraising page. I am living with stage IV metastatic lung cancer, which is currently an incurable disease. Anyone can get lung cancer, even never-smokers or non-smokers like me.

I am asking for your help in eradicating this disease by donating to the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. Funds donated to this page will go directly to support research into a rare genetic rearrangement called ROS1, which is driving my particular form of lung cancer. The research will also help us get a better understanding of lung cancer, which will benefit the entire community.
Some treatment is already available for ROS1 cancer in the form of daily oral chemotherapy, and I have benefited from it. However, ROS1 is a clever cancer, and it mutates in response to therapy, necessitating new approaches to treatment to keep the cancer in check. In fact, I am on my second line of oral treatment, and am still struggling with disease progression. I, and many other people with ROS1-driven lung cancer are counting on this research to create new and better treatment options and to find a cure.

Your donation will help researchers develop new treatments from cell lines (called patient-derived xenografts or PDX) donated by ROS1 patients. I have had the privilege of donating tissue to this project. By collaborating with researchers in this study, ROS1 patients like me are helping to find new treatments and, we hope, a cure. It's empowering to know the ROS1 community is playing such an important part in research of our disease. The research findings from this project will be non-proprietary, which means anyone can use what we learn from the study to create new medicines to treat and cure cancer.

My current goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November of 2019. Thank you for your support.


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