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Lizzie Dessureault

Lizzie's ROS1 Fundraiser

Thank you so much for visiting. I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer when I was just 26 years old. At the time, I was otherwise healthy, a non-smoker and pregnant with my first child. I am now part of the 1% of patients living with ROS1 Lung Cancer. Please support the research that is so desperately needed.

It is my hope that one day lung cancer will be, if not curable, a chronic disease.



raised of $7,500 goal

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1. JBJackie Burfield
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3. LLLynn LeBreton
Please know that my prayers for you continue and hope ?every penny? counts and wish for plenty more xo
4. MMargaret Gordon
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6. BBob Steele
The Hebrew word ?Chai? means ?life? or ?living? as well as the numerical value 18. You have probably heard the toast “l’chaim.” It means to life and it's customary to make donations in increments of 18. I truly admire your spirit and determination!