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Welcome to Diana's ROS1 Research Fundraiser's Page

Diana Strebel

Diana's ROS1 Research Fundraiser

ROS1+ cancer occurs when a gene called ROS1 fuses with a nearby gene and swaps pieces of DNA. Thus far, over 20 different genes have been found to fuse with ROS1 and drive ROS1+ cancer. ROS1 cancer tends to be aggressive, and can spread to the bones and brain.

Targeted therapy drugs are currently helping make my cancer a managable disease and will hopefully help me live a longer life. I've only been taking the drugs for a few months and I feel better everyday. It's pretty amazing! I'm back to living my life and looking forward to the future.

The pills I take can work for months or years, but eventually the cancer figures out a way around them, and then you move on to the next drug. More research is needed to develop more drugs and therapies to keep me and other ROS1+ cancer patients healthy and living longer.

Thank you for visiting. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference! Thanks! Diana


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