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Stefanie Cole

Stefanie's ROS1 Fundraiser page

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer November 2017. As a non-smoker, my family and I were horribly shocked by the diagnosis. After genomic testing, I found out that I have a rare ROS1 gene mutation. Only 1-2% have this mutation. Right now, I take a daily targeted therapy medication everyday to stay alive. Unfortunately, I am always at risk for my medication to become resistant and the cancer to grow. Your donation will directly support research specific for the ROS1 mutation so that more drugs can be developed. I along with other ROS1ders want to live and spend as much time with our famlily and friends. Any donation amount will make a difference. Thanks and much love, Stefanie


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Recent Donations

1. JAJanet Adams
I've been praying for you since you were diagnosed. May God in His mercy and grace give you healing.
2. SBSusan Bishop
Love you Stefanie ????
3. BBrad Magaha
4. DMDennis Malto
Prayers every day!
5. ?Anonymous
I love you more!
6. PPat Epstein