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We Believe in a Cure



Our daughter, Kelly Keesling, was diagnosed at age 47 with lung cancer (Stage 4 NSCLC) in December 2015 and the driver of her cancer-the ROS1 Gene Rearrangement-was confirmed in January 2016. She has no known risks for lung cancer. The diagnosis was not even considered when she presented with pneumonia-like symptoms months earlier. The first targeted drug treatment for the ROS1 rearrangement had not yet been FDA approved so her first step was chemotherapy. After 5 different treatment (drug)regimens, her recent scan indicates progression. There are few next step options because her cancer has again mutated and many of the drugs she was considering are not effective. Her 6th treatment therefore is a Phase1/2 clinical trial that has shown effective pre-clinical results. As with all treatments there are limits in extent and duration of effectiveness. Please pray that this trial will show positive results.

There is no known cure for Stage 4 lung cancer. We are hoping and believing that research will give her many more options (treatments) to live longer, and better yet a full productive life. Less than 2% of lung cancer patients in the world are diagnosed with ROS1 rearrangements so there are few patients for studies or participation in ROS1-specific clinical trials. Therefore, mouse models and cell lines are being developed by expert researchers in prominent labs. These studies are vital tools in accelerating research into understanding the etiology (origin), variations, treatment, resistance, and cure.

100% of the donations to this fund will be applied toward ROS1 research. Some of the best and most knowledgeable experts for this disease are actively searching for the answers.

We hope you will also believe in and support this cause. THANK YOU SO MUCH for any donation (every little bit helps) applied toward helping our much loved daughter and others affected by this disease enjoy a longer life.



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