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Celebrate by Giving

Shaan Patel

We're so happy you could celebrate our special day with us and we hope you can join us in donating to this amazing cause!

We appreciate all the support we can get and together we can make a difference!


- Shaan & Sonia



raised of $7,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. MMark and Liz Centoni
Congratulations and Best Wishes
2. GIGenentech, Inc.
3. PPPankaj Patel
Congratulations to Sonia and Shaan!
4. SDSangeeta Das
Congratulations Shaan and Sonia - with great love - Kavi, Sangeeta, & Anand.
5. BDBharti Dudhela
Congratulations Shaan and Sonia!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. Tanay, Tina, Tanvi, Anthony, Naren and Bharti
6. SFSITA Foundation (Ullal Family)