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Thomas - The Next Challenge Champ

Lillian Waters

Thomas (the love of Lillian's life) was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer June 2017 at age 28. Since that time life has been a very weird and very crazy roller coaster. He went from being a healthy 28-year-old who did CrossFit to a guy who had to spend weeks in the hospital and had trouble making it up a flight of stairs. There is no cure for Lung Cancer. The current route of treatment for most patients is to take some form of medication everyday and the hope is to eventually have Lung Cancer be a chronically managed disease. The problem with a lot of lung cancer treatment options currently is that the cancer mutates and stops responding to the medication. The patient then must switch medications and basically wait for the cancer to mutate again. The goal of the of this foundation is to make all Lung Cancer a chronically managed illness by 2023. Lets help them get there through donating for more research to combat this terrible disease and keep all the amazing souls (like Thomas) in the world.

Lillian & Thomas



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